"Changing The Biking Paradigm - 
One Custom Bike Seat & Rider At A Time..."

Evolve to a new level of comfort & performance for a healthy option in bike seats?

Bikes have significantly changed over the last 50 years - shouldn’t one of the most important parts evolve too! 

Designed for rider comfort!

This is a new level of comfort in bike seats.  Pro2form was created based on years of rider experience & product development to create a more comfortable or healthy option in bike seats.  Pro2form is one of the highest quality specialty hand-crafted cycling seats developed to provide:
  • wider relief area to reduce discomfort & soreness 
  • better body support to minimize pressure points
  • greater comfort is the result of wider relief area with better body support for a healthy solution for both men & women.  

Engineered for rider comfort!

Pro2form seats are individually hand-crafted: 

  • Made from strong light weight aircraft grade aluminum weighing the same as other cycling seats
  • Pro2form’s one inch thick Body-Form-Gel foam, developed by NASA, provides for better shock absorbing,         moister control, & heat dissipating properties for greater rider comfort
  • Engineered with a wider relief area for better body support
  • Customized saddle "Tilt" gives rider ability to shift body weight to relieve pressure points - if desired 
  • Offers wider "Open Relief Area" to support body compared to all other bike seats.  Model sizes to fit many body types: Large, Medium, or Small. 

Customized rider positions helps to reduce pressure points!

 One of Pro2form's unique benefits compared to the traditional bike seat is our specialized O-Connector that allows the rider to customize their seat position.  Pro2form's seat can actually be tilted at an angle giving the rider the ability to lean more horizontally against the seat - thus shifting or distributing riders’ weight away from areas of sensitivity & reducing pressure points.  Pro2form's O-connector uniquely allows a rider to customize their seat positioning settings to fit each riders’ preferences.  

Made in USA from recycled aircraft grade aluminum.

Pro2form - Product Launch AT InterBike 2014

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